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  • Musgrave Super M

    Musgrave Mel x Musgrave Blackbird 1207-2178
    DOB: January 5, 2014
    AAA reg. #17962030
    Owned by: Musgrave Angus Griggsville, IL and Styles Angus

  • Styles Cash R400

    Barstow Cash x Plainview Lassie 71B
    DOB: March 22, 2013
    AAA reg. #17571309
    Owned by: Tom Reid Akron, CO – Lane & Jessica Tekrony Clear Lake, SD and Style Angus

  • S A V Ranch King 2463

    S A V 707 Rito 9969 x S A V Blackcap May 5530
    DOB: January 20, 2012
    AAA reg. #17318840
    Owned by: Jerry Mettler Canton, SD and Styles Angus

  • Styles Cashed In S8

    Barstow Cash x Styles Pride P302
    DOB: February 1, 2014
    AAA reg. #17869198
    Owned by: Styles Angus

  • Styles Sure Thing T89

    Burns Sure Deal 1305 x Styles Elba K93
    DOB: February 23, 2015
    AAA reg. #18192671
    Owned by: Koch Angus, Kieswetter Angus Letts, IA and Styles Angus